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The Molo of Naples is a strong, well-constructed stone pier, jutting far into the sea like Ranisgate pier, giving security to the harbour, and having at its extremity a goodly lighthouse. In the warm seasons of the year (that is to say, for nearly seven months out of the twelve) it is the favourite promenade and lounging place of the Neapolitan bourgeoisie and poorer classes of citizens, who are but too happy to escape from the hot pent-up air of their narrow and tortuous streets and lanes. On the Molo they can hear the cooling plash of the sea upon the rocks, and inhale the pure  vening air. And, as if this were not pleasure and bliss enough, under that glorious sky, and with the fairest view upon earth spread before and around, hither resort singers and conjurors, mountebanks and improvisator!, men with learned pigs, and men with dogs that can tell fortunes, to afford amusement to the promenaders and loungers. The vividness of my impressions, which lays the whole scene before my eyes, makes me use the present tense when I ought rather to use the past. I am told that the busy and rnerry Molo has been almost ungarnished, of late years, of the men and things which made its merriment; and that a police far more ruthless than that which sometimes wageth war in our streets against Punch, hath swept away Policinella, Canta-Storia, Ciarlatano, pig and dog, together with every other object that used to raise a boisterous laugh. But I can only think of the Molo as it was in its pristine glory, and when, as Forsyth observed, it was an epitome of the town, exhibiting the most of its humours, a theatre where any stranger might study, for nothing, the manners of the people…

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