Vesuvius 1906, dal The National Geographic Magazine

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The writer’s first near view of the volcano after the eruption of this year was on the afternoon of April 24, when he took his way toward Dr Matteuci’s observatory. The electric train was pushing slowly with its cogged wheels upward toward the observatory station; beyond that point the road was destroyed. The fields outside of Naples showed one or two inches of dust, brown, gray, and gray-green, but most of the vegetable gardens had been cleared of it. A little farther the pines as in a snowstorm. It was three inches deep on the walls. It had drifted in places to a depth of two or three feet. On nearing the observatory the lava fields of 1872 and 1898 were found buried under 5 or 6 inches of sand and dust, which formed a heavy mantle, but not sufficient to wholly disguise the slaggy contortions beneath. The whole cone of  Vesuvius became cleared of clouds in the course of the afternoon and it was seen to be covered with straight sand slides of whitish-gray color which occasionally slipped downward as on the steeper slopes of a dune.

icona vesuvius 1910c

Vesuvius dal The National Geographic Magazine del 1910 – L’eruzione del 1906 – vesuvioweb


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  1. mari ha detto:

    Excellent work, which honors the editorial des3ede time gives us a range of True Stories occurred in Italy especialmente IN the Vesuvius Eruption “many friends thanks……………

  2. Jana Haasová ha detto:

    Grazie per il lavoro molto interessante e dettagliata di Thomas Augustus Jaggar dall’eruzione del Vesuvio nel 1906, integrato con fotografie storiche.
    Thomas Augustus Jaggar era famoso vulcanologo. Nel 1912 ha fondato a Kilauea vulcano secondo osservatori vulcanici di Hawaii nel mondo. Sulla base di eruzione ricerca dettagliata del Vesuvio nel 1906 aveva previsto il corso dell’eruzione imminente del Monte Pelée, sull’isola della Martinica (1929).

    Salute Jana

  3. Tom Gidwitz ha detto:

    Thanks for posting this, Nello! It’s a great help to have this resource.

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